Meat on a volcanic stone

The Bistro Bukarica Team has prepared some real delicacies for you! Our goal is to seduce our guests with light but interesting dishes. We strive constantly to create new specialties. Feel free to ask for advice about your meal from our service!

We buy our meat exclusively in our region. Our guest has the possibility to prepare his steak from the hot stone to his own taste. For this reason, Bistro Bukarica is one of a kind on the entire island!


Premium cheeses and prosciutto

Our offer of cheese and prosciutto may vary, because these are also regional products. Our regional producers have limited resources. Therefore, every product is unique in its taste!


Handmade pasta

Our chefs have created special pasta recipes, so that we could charm our guests with variations of unusual homemade pastas. Whether it is Šurlice, Ravioli, Tortellini or chocolate-chili pasta, there is something tempting for everyone. We could say that you should try our pasta specials at least once!


Adriatic fish

Our fish menus are special. Refined combinations were created to make your stay at our Bistro a special event.



Our specialties

Our tasty appetizers like beetroot salad with goat cheese and chili, also as our luscious curry noodle soup with shrimp are just a few of our suggestions.


Croatian classics

Of course, we also have our tasty classics like scampi risotto, grilled calamari or Šurlice pasta with goulash, prepared for you with love and attention.


Vegetarian dishes

Our vegetarian dishes like stuffed peppers with couscous with a delicious sauce are also worthy of mention.


For the little ones

We also thought about the little ones. We prepared awesome mini chicken for them, and season vegetable skewer or a surprise omelet! For them we prepare smaller portions of our dishes at a lower price!


Sweet delicacies

To complete a lovely meal, we suggest you try our little sweet delicacies.


First class wines

We hope to wake your appetite and we are looking forward to your visit. We heartily recommend you to try something from our First Class wines selection. The Krauthaker winery supplies us with fine wines that you simply have to try!


Früh Kölsch Beer

We also have a special beer from Cologne in our assortment. If you choose to have beer with this meal, our team will recommend you refreshing light beer Kölsch. Kölsch is a light, fermented and filtered beer, prepared according to German law of purity since the 1516 in Früh Kölsch, one of the leading breweries in Cologne with a tradition of over a hundred years and a view on the cathedral. Chilled beer is poured into a simple glass measures 0.2 to 0.4 liters. 1997 Kölsch was recognized as a specialty with protected geographic origin, and now for the first time you can try it in Croatia, in the bistro Bukarica.

We are looking forward to getting a chance to mesmerise you with our specialties!

Bistro Bukarica Team